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Tennessee mother jailed over textbook battle. By: Clark, Suzanne. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 62. Subjects: Frost, Vicki; Church Hill Elementary School (Church Hill, Tenn); Public schools and religion; Textbooks; Tennessee

[Robert H] Gundry asked to resign from ETS. By: Mitchell, Daniel R.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 63. Subjects: Gundry, Robert H.; Evangelical Theological Society; Bible. Matthew--Criticism, Redaction

North Carolina Southern Baptists uphold option of ordaining women. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 64. Subjects: Southern Baptist Convention--Clergy; Ordination of women; North Carolina--Church history

[Wyrtzen, Marge, 1912-1984, obit] 3 no 2 F 1984, p 65. Subjects: Wyrtzen, Marge, 1912-1984; Obituaries

Brotherly love. By: Jones, Philip A.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 66. Subjects: Love (Theology)--Biblical teaching

Mordecai Ham : a thorn in the devil's side. By: Borland, James A.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 44-46. Subjects: Ham, M F. (Mordecai Fowler), 1877-1961; Evangelists--Biographies; Biographies

Why men will not come to Christ. By: Ham, M F.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 47-48. Subjects: Sermons God's Super Bowl. By: Willmington, Harold L.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 49. Subjects: Bible. Hebrews 10-13

The Minister's Library, V 2 (1972-1980) By: Fink, Paul R.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 51.

A Feast of Families By: F, L.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 52-53.

Decision Making and the Will of God By: Friesen, Gary. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 52.

How do I find and use my spiritual gifts. By: Mitchell, Daniel R.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 54. Subjects: Gifts, Spiritual

In Liberty, Maine, a man is used of God. By: Wiggin, Eric. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 55. Subjects: Garnett, Nate; South Liberty Baptist Church (Liberty, Me); Baptists--United States; Maine--Church history

Frankland, Ball praise Maine Christian Schools decision. By: Wiggin, Eric E.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 59. Subjects: Church schools; Maine

Nebraska battle continues, seven fathers jailed. By: Mawyer, Martin. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 60-61. Subjects: Sileven, Everett G.; Faith Baptist Church (Louisville, Neb); Church and state--United States; Teachers--Certification; Nebraska

Gruesome fiction reflected in life. By: Thomas, Cal. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 14. Subjects: Films--Ethical aspects

Evangelism : hot as ever, but old methods are cooling off. By: Towns, Elmer L.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 17-19+. Subjects: Evangelistic work--History

Scripture memorization and soulwinning. By: McClellan, Allen. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 20-21. Subjects: Bible--Use; Evangelistic work--Biblical teaching

Family love. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 22. Subjects: Greek language--Terms--Agapē; Greek language--Terms--Phileo, philia; Love (Theology)--Biblical teaching

Russia : king of the north. By: Walvoord, John F. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 23-27. Subjects: Bible. Old Testament--Prophecies; Armageddon; Gog and Magog; Israel (Christian theology); Tribulation (Christian eschatology); Russia

What or who is an evangelical. By: Lindsell, Harold. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 28-30+. Subjects: Evangelicalism

Practical steps to personal evangelism. By: Wemp, C Sumner. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 31-33+. Subjects: Evangelistic work--Theory

Leading children to Christ. By: Beck, Jean M.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 36-37. Subjects: Children--Religious life; Church work with children; Evangelistic work--Theory

An interview with Del Fehsenfeld, Jr. By: Fehsenfeld, Del, Jr. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 39-42. Subjects: Fehsenfeld, Del, Jr; Life Action Ministries; Evangelists--Reminiscences

Missions and the local church. By: Lewis, Richard. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 43. Subjects: Missions--Finance Each one reaching one. By: Falwell, Jerry (Editor). 3 no 2 F 1984, p 8-43. Subjects: Evangelicalism; Evangelistic work--Theory; Fundamentalism

Turning the world upside down. By: Falwell, Jerry. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 8-9. Subjects: Evangelistic work--Theory

Is repentance part of the Gospel. By: Dobson, Edward; Hindson, Edward E.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 10-11. Subjects: Repentance--Biblical teaching

Excuses : a testimony of personal evangelism. By: Geisler, Norman L.. 3 no 2 F 1984, p 12-14. Subjects: Evangelistic work--United States