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What part hath he that believeth with an infidel. By: Dwight, Timothy. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 53-54. Subjects: Dwight, Timothy, 1752-1817; Sermons

God so loved the world. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 56. Subjects: Bible. John 2-4

A Christian Critique of the University By: Schatkin, Margaret A.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 57.

The greatest proof of all. By: Willmington, Harold L.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 60. Subjects: Conversion

CWA conference highlights traditional values. By: Mawyer, Martin. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 62. Subjects: Concerned Women for America; Women in government; Women--Congresses; Conference proceedings

InterVarsity Press bows to pressure, withdraws abortion book. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 64. Subjects: Jones, David Gareth; Intervarsity Press; Abortion; Publishers--Religious books

Medicine for the ailing church. By: White, William H.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 66. Subjects: Church

The modus operandi of church discipline. By: Mawdsley, Ralph D.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 22-24. Subjects: Church of Christ (Collinsville, Okla); Actions and defenses (Law)--United States; Church discipline

Hungry strangers : whose responsibility are they? By: Hunt, Angela E.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 25-26. Subjects: Scott Memorial Baptist Church, El Cajon, California; Thomas Road Baptist Church (Lynchburg, Va); Food relief

Old-fashioned laws and new-styled freedom : where do you draw the line? By: Nordtvedt, Matilda. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 28-29. Subjects: Christian life; Conduct of life; Modernity

Should the whole Bible be interpreted literally. By: Sauer, Ronald C.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 32-33. Subjects: Bible--Criticism, interpretation, Christian; Fundamentalism; Metaphor

The world's most amazing book. By: Rawlings, Harold. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 34-36. Subjects: Bible; Sermons

Finding the treasure in the text. By: Coleman, Robert E.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 39+. Subjects: Bible--Use

An arena for perfecting our lives : a Christian approach to competitive sports. By: Evans, James R.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 41-43. Subjects: Sports

Making your athletic ability count. By: Bell, William. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 44-45. Subjects: Athletics

An interview with John MacArthur, Jr. By: MacArthur, John. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 47-49. Subjects: MacArthur, John, 1939-; Clergy--Reminiscences

Timothy Dwight : for God, country, and Yale. By: Peterson, Robert A.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 50-52. Subjects: Dwight, Timothy, 1752-1817; Yale University; Christian education--History

What I look for in a political candidate. By: Falwell, Jerry. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 8+. Subjects: Presidential candidates--1984; Principles (Ethics)

Finding the richness of being "poor in spirit" By: Dobson, Edward. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 10. Subjects: Christian life; Poor--Biblical teaching

Jailed for secondary separation. By: Nettleton, David. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 12-13. Subjects: General Association of Regular Baptist Churches; Separatists

Revival - where does it begin. By: Ravenhill, Leonard. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 14-15. Subjects: Revivals

The pedestal problem. By: Stover, Philip R.. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 16-18. Subjects: Clergy--Psychology

Christians in the secular society. By: Whitehead, John W. 3 no 10 N 1984, p 19-21. Subjects: Pluralism; Secularization; United States--Moral conditions