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Liberty Center for Creation Studies announced. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 61. Subjects: Liberty University (Lynchburg, Va); Church colleges--Curriculum; Creationism

New IRS rulings to mold church policy. By: Mawyer, Martin. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 62-63. Subjects: United States. Internal Revenue Service; Church property--Taxation; Tax exemption

Debate rages over pro-abortion book. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 64. Subjects: Jones, David Gareth; Schaeffer, Franky; Abortion; Evangelicalism--Controversies

Nebraskan police acted unconstitutionally. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 65. Subjects: Faith Baptist Church (Louisville, Neb); Police; Nebraska

The election of our lifetime. By: LaHaye, Tim F.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 66. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court; Elections--United States; United States--Politics

Competing for the attention of youth. By: Adams, Dave. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 36-37. Subjects: Church work with youth

The art of family living. By: Hendricks, Howard G.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 39-41. Subjects: Family life, Christian

101 Fun things to do as a family. By: Beck, Jean M.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 42-45. Subjects: Family life, Christian

An interview with John F Wolvoord. By: Walvoord, John F. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 47-49. Subjects: Walvoord, John F, 1910-2002; Dallas Theological Seminary; Dispensationalism

From salesman to soulwinner : Dwight L Moody gave it his all. By: Fellman, Eric. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 50-52. Subjects: Moody, Dwight Lyman, 1837-1899; Evangelists--Biographies; Chicago--Church history; Biographies

What think ye of Christ. By: Moody, Dwight Lyman. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 53-54. Subjects: Moody, Dwight Lyman, 1837-1899; Sermons

Bad News for Modern Man: Agenda for Christian Activism By: Mooneyham, Lamarr. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 55.

The Great Evangelical Disaster By: Pavlac, Ross. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 55-56.

Fred Brown : lifetime evangelist. By: Catogge, Raymond J.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 57-58. Subjects: Brown, Fred, 1923-; Evangelists--Biographies; Biographies

Vernon Brewer named Dean of Students at L[iberty] B[aptist] C[ollege, news, photo] 3 no 9 O 1984, p 59. Subjects: Brewer, Vernon; Liberty University (Lynchburg, Va)

Baptist Bible Fellowship : a look at its history and growth. By: Combs, James O.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 14-16. Subjects: Norris, J Frank (John Frank), 1877-1952; Vick, George Beauchamp, 1901-1975; Baptist Bible Fellowship; Baptists--History

The Baptist Bible Tribune. By: Bartlett, Billy V.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 15. Subjects: Smith, Noel, 1900-1974; Newspapers; Press, Baptist

Innovative fundamentalism : setting the pace for contemporary church growth. By: Hunt, Angela E.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 18-19. Subjects: Henson, Al; Hodges, Cecil; Rawlings, John; Church group work; Fundamentalism

Demons : our invisible enemies. By: Dickason, C Fred. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 21-23. Subjects: Demonology, Biblical

"What hath God wrought" : our growing electronic arsenal. By: Windsor, Carl D.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 24-25. Subjects: Mass media in religion

The distortion of network television. By: Harris, Marc E.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 26-28. Subjects: Television

Fair is fair only if you are a liberal. By: Thomas, Cal. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 28. Subjects: Actors; Television

Spoiled grapes. By: Graham, John D.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 29-30. Subjects: Family life, Christian; Television and children

Television : the mass hypnotic. By: Walchshauser, Clement G.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 33+. Subjects: Family life, Christian; Television and children

Victory through sacrifice. By: Honig, Phoebe B.. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 34-35. Subjects: Self-sacrifice

L[iberty] B[aptist] C[ollege] : the dream and the dilemma. By: Falwell, Jerry. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 8. Subjects: Liberty University (Lynchburg, Va)

Do fundamentalists really preach the Bible. By: Dobson, Edward. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 10-11. Subjects: Bible--Homiletic use; Preaching, Evangelical

Creationism and biology at L[iberty] B[aptist] C[ollege] By: Guillermin, A Pierre. 3 no 9 O 1984, p 12. Subjects: American Civil Liberties Union; Liberty University (Lynchburg, Va); Biology--Study; Church colleges--Accreditation; Creationism