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[Ten Boom, Corrie, 1892-1983, obit] 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 62. Subjects: Ten Boom, Corrie, 1892-1983; Obituaries

The unfinished task. By: Henderson, Daniel. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 66. Subjects: Paul, Saint, Apostle--Theology--Ministry; Discipleship

The servant of God and his service for God. By: Wilmington, Harold L.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 49+. Subjects: Service (Theology); Work (Theology)

Los Gatos Christian Church. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 50-51. Subjects: Los Gatos Christian Church (Los Gatos, Calif); Church membership

After Fundamentalism: The Future of Evangelical Theology By: Hawkins, Ronald E.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 52-53.

Stress in the Family By: Hawkins, Ronald E.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 53-54.

Where Have All the Mothers Gone By: Hawkins, Ronald E.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 53-54.

In pursuit of ashes. By: Thomas, Cal. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 56. Subjects: Wealth; United States--Moral conditions

Alcohol's impact : how high a price will we pay for its "good life"? By: Vest, Yvonne. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 57-58. Subjects: Alcohol; Social problems

Bush speaks at [Liberty Baptist College], supports President's policies. By: Huff, Deborah W.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 59. Subjects: Bush, George H W.; Liberty University (Lynchburg, Va)

Bible language task force raises a Methodist outcry. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 60-61. Subjects: United Methodist Church--Controversies; Bible--Language, style; English language--Gender

Decision to ordain women deacons ignites Oklahoma Baptist furor. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 61. Subjects: Southern Baptist Convention--Clergy; Ordination of women; Oklahoma--Church history

Too busy to be a father : shaping our children's lives. By: Stover, Philip R.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 16-19. Subjects: Children of clergy; Family life, Christian; Fathers; Parent and child--Religious aspects--Christianity

Fatigue and time pressure : putting the squeeze on the family. By: Dobson, James C.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 20-23. Subjects: Family life; Fatigue; Parents; Time pressure

The literal second coming of Christ. By: Feinberg, Charles Lee. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 24-26. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Second Advent; Rapture (Christian eschatology); Revelation--History of doctrines

Help your child develop self-esteem. By: Barlow, Daniel L.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 28-31. Subjects: Child development; Christian education of children; Self-respect

An interview with Dan Gelatt. By: Gelatt, Dan. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 32-34. Subjects: First Baptist Church (Elkhart, Ind); General Association of Regular Baptist Churches; Evangelists--Biographies; Biographies

From glory to glory. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 34. Subjects: Glory of God; Presence of God

Does God heal today. By: Towns, Elmer L.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 36-38. Subjects: Faith; God--Omnipotence; Healing, Spiritual

Don Norman : tribute to a loving father. By: McClellan, Ruth. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 39-40. Subjects: Norman, Don; Evangelists--Biographies; Hymns, English (American)--Gospel hymns; Musicians; Biographies

T T Shields : a soldier in the field. By: Tarr, Leslie K.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 42-44. Subjects: Shields, Thomas Todhunter, 1873-1955; Jarvis Street Regular Baptist Church (Toronto, Ont); Evangelists--Biographies; Fundamentalism; Biographies

What is the spirit of Christ. By: Sheilds, T T.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 45-47. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Natures; Holy Spirit--Biblical teaching; Sermons

The deafening silence of America's pulpits. By: Falwell, Jerry. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 8-9. Subjects: Fundamentalism; Preaching; United States--Moral conditions

Who are the "real" pseudo-fundamentalists. By: Dobson, Edward; Hindson, Edward E.. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 10-11. Subjects: Denominations, Religious; Fundamentalism; Modernist-fundamentalist controversy

An alternative to legalism. By: Dollar, Truman. 2 no 6 Je 1983, p 12-15+. Subjects: Fundamentalism; Law of God; Legalism in religion