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News media uncovers NCC and WCC activities. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 62. Subjects: Columbia Broadcasting System, inc; National Council of Churches in the USA; World Council of Churches--Public opinion; Reader's Digest (Periodical)

Genesis By: Rickards, Donald R.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 63.

Michigan Christian schools make stand for religious liberty. By: Brake, Mac. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 64-65. Subjects: Hotchkiss, Ray C.; Ouellette, R B.; Bridgeport Baptist Academy (Michigan); Sheridan Road Christian School (Michigan); Church and state--United States; Church schools; Educational law--United States; Michigan--Church history; United States--Education

Man without a camp. By: Ainsley, Dallas. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 66.

Treasures from the text. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 44. Subjects: Hebrew language--Terms--Segullah

Bill Monroe : impacting a searching city. By: Ward, Duane. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 49. Subjects: Monroe, Bill; Florence Baptist Temple (Florence, SC)

Planting new churches. By: Towns, Elmer L.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 50-51. Subjects: Falwell, Jerry, 1933-2007; Liberty Baptist Fellowship for Church Planting; Missions, Home--United States

Who will tell them. By: Falwell, Jerry. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 53. Subjects: Evangelistic work

Variety in viewpoint. By: Chapman, Marie. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 55. Subjects: Christian education--Methods

Excellence for the Excellent One. By: Kroll, Woodrow M.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 56-57. Subjects: Christian life; Perfection

Chinese authorities close Canton's last house church. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 60-61. Subjects: House churches; China--Church history--1980-

Nebraska sued for 66 million dollars by 66 evicted from Faith Baptist. By: Religious News Service. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 60. Subjects: Faith Baptist Church (Louisville, Neb)

Russian Orthodox Patriarch holds service for Brezhnev. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 60. Subjects: Brezhnev, Leonid Il'ich, 1906-1982 Innes named president of San Francisco

Baptist Theological Seminary. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 61. Subjects: Innes, David C.; San Francisco Baptist Theological Seminary

Adultery without sin. By: Feinberg, John S.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 19-21+. Subjects: Adultery; Authority (Religion); Sin

Baptists and slavery. By: Liddle, Ernest V.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 22-24. Abstract: Of all the institutions to be blamed for the American Civil War, the church must bear the major responsibility. This conclusion assumes that the thesis of James Ford Rhodes, which asserts that slavery was the cause of the conflict, is true. If the church in the United States of America had solved the problem of slavery, there probably never would have been armed conflict. This is illustrated by the attitudes and permanent schism among the Baptist denomination in 1845. Subjects: Baptist Board of Foreign Missions (US); Baptists--United States; Slavery and the church--Baptists

An interview with Wendell Zimmerman. By: Zimmerman, Wendell. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 26-28. Subjects: Baptist Bible Fellowship; Baptists--Biographies; Biographies

Names of Jesus. By: Stewart, Jerome. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 31. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Name

J Gresham Machen : valiant for truth. By: Borland, James A.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 32-33+. Abstract: J Gresham Machen was the most influential leader of fundamentalism during the modernist-fundamentalist controversy of the 1920's and 1930's. His background, training, and life's work as a New Testament scholar (and author) at Princeton Theological Seminary are chronicled, but his primary influence is shown to be as a staunch defender of the truth against the attacks of the modernists who compromised biblical faith and practice. Yet Dr Machen's gracious manner is exhibited even in his break with Princeton and the Presbyterian Church as he founded Westminster Theological Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Subjects: Machen, J Gresham (John Gresham), 1881-1937; Orthodox Presbyterian Church; Princeton Theological Seminary; Fundamentalism; United States--Church history--1900-

The good fight of faith. By: Machen, J Gresham. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 34-36+. Subjects: Sermons

Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt-manipulators: A Biblical Response to R J Sider By: Gentry, Kenneth L, Jr. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 37-39.

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger By: Gentry, Kenneth L, Jr. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 37-39. A Time for Anger By: Combee, Jerry H.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 39+.

Don't quit. By: Wallace, Tom. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 40-41. Subjects: Clergy--Appointment, cal A pragmatic proposition. By: Falwell, Jerry. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 8. Subjects: Abortion; Pro-life movement

God's priority : organize to evangelize. By: Ackerman, V S.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 9-10. Subjects: Church administration

Face the facts. By: Thomas, Cal. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 11. Subjects: Freedom, Religious--United States

Fundamentalism today : a critical self-evaluation of fundamentalism. By: Dobson, Edward; Hindson, Edward E.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 12-13+. Subjects: Fundamentalism; Self-evaluation

The two headed council : a look at the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches. By: Clark, Stephen R L.. 2 no 3 Mr 1983, p 14-17+. Subjects: National Council of Churches in the USA; World Council of Churches--Public opinion; Politics and Christianity