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Tuition tax deductions ruled constitutional. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 60. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Church schools; Education and state; Private schools; Taxation--United States

Prayer amendments head for Senate floor. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 63. Subjects: Reagan, Ronald, 1911-2004; United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Education and state; Public schools and religion

Contending for the faith or just contentious. By: Keener, Nelson. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 66. Subjects: Paul, Saint, Apostle--Theology--Church; Fundamentalism

An interview with Paul Dixon. By: Dixon, Paul. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 40-42. Subjects: Cedarville College (Cedarville, Ohio); Church colleges; Evangelists--Biographies; Biographies

The spirit of God and the saints of God. By: Willmington, Harold L.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 43-44. Subjects: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Florida rains on religious freedom. By: Thomas, Cal. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 44. Subjects: American Civil Liberties Union; Freedom, Religious

Teaching is discipleship. By: Belden, Glen. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 45. Subjects: Christian education--Philosophy; Discipleship; Teaching

God's Bullies: Power Politics and Religious Tyranny By: Noebel, David A.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 46-47.

Making home a fun place to learn. By: Beck, Jean M.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 49-50. Subjects: Christian education of children; Parent and child--Religious aspects--Christianity; Role playing

Buddy Frankland : building on the rock in Maine. By: Wiggin, Eric E.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 51-52. Subjects: Frankland, Herman C (Buddy); Bangor Baptist Church (Bangor, Me); Baptist Bible Fellowship; Evangelists--Biographies; Maine--Church history; Biographies

Draper to head [Southern Baptist Convention], conservatives chip away at liberal trends. By: Jones, Jim. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 54. Subjects: Draper, James T.; Southern Baptist Convention. Annual meeting; Fundamentalism

Nebraska compromise reached. By: Mawyer, Martin. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 55-56. Subjects: Bible Baptist Church (Lincoln, Neb); Church and state--United States; Church schools; Freedom, Religious; Nebraska

The [General Association of Regular Baptist Churches] Conference affirms separation and beliefs. By: Wiggin, Eric E.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 57-58. Subjects: General Association of Regular Baptist Churches; Baptist Fundamentalism '84, Washington, DC; Fundamentalism

Academic accreditation : quality or compromise. By: Dobson, Edward; Hindson, Edward E.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 10-11. Subjects: Accreditation (Education); Christian education; Church schools

A call for excellence. By: Guillermin, A Pierre. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 12-14. Subjects: Accreditation (Education); Christian education--Philosophy; Church schools; Schools

How to start a Christian school. By: Livesay, George B.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 16-18+. Subjects: Christian education; Church schools

Home influence : key to education. By: Hawkins, Ronald E.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 19-21. Subjects: Christian education--Philosophy; Parent and child--Religious aspects--Christianity; Public schools and religion; Home and school

The Protestant work ethic : attitude and application give it meaning. By: Catherwood, Fred. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 22-25+. Subjects: Capitalism and Christianity; Talents (Parable); Theology, Protestant; Values; Work (Theology)

God's promise : a miracle of love. By: Stover, Philip R.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 26-27. Subjects: Adoption; Christian life; Children with disabilities

Sometimes God shouts. By: Dunn, Bruce W.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 28-30. Subjects: Disasters; God and human beings; Theodicy; Word of God

G B Vick : organizer, leader, teacher, preacher. By: Bartlett, Billy V.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 32-35. Subjects: Vick, George Beauchamp, 1901-1975; Temple Baptist Church (Detroit, Mich); Evangelists--Biographies; Biographies

Search. By: Grimes, Katherine A.. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 34. Subjects: Greek language--Terms--Eraunaō; Will of God

"But after this" By: Vick, George Beauchamp. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 36-38. Subjects: Death--Biblical teaching; Judgment of God; Sermons

[Christian schools and academic quality, 5 articles] By: Falwell, Jerry (Editor). 2 no 8 S 1983, p 8-21+. Subjects: Accreditation (Education); Christian education; Church schools; Education--Philosophy; Schools

Who is responsible for educating children. By: Falwell, Jerry. 2 no 8 S 1983, p 8-9. Subjects: Christian education of children; Education--Philosophy; Public schools and religion