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El Salvador's fragile democracy threatened by Communist guerrillas. By: Thomas, Cal. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 59. Subjects: Communism and democracy; El Salvador--Politics; United States--Foreign relations--El Salvador

Claiming a victory in Bristol. By: Buffington, Janet R.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 60. Subjects: Kiser, Jackson; Education and state; Public schools and religion; Bristol (Va)

Kennedy speaks at. By: Edwards, Deryl. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 65. Subjects: Falwell, Jerry, 1933-2007; Kennedy, Edward M.; Liberty University (Lynchburg, Va); Liberalism; New right (Christianity)

Power and pusillanimity : "moral befuddlement" in American government. By: Buchanan, Patrick J.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 66. Subjects: Moral Majority; United States--Moral conditions

The blood-sprinkled way. By: Coleman, Robert E.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 40-41. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Crucifixion; Blood--Religious aspects--Christianity; Sacrifice

An interview with Cecil Hodges. By: Hodges, Cecil. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 42-44. Subjects: Bible Baptist Church (Savannah, Ga); Christian education; Fundamentalism

Martin Luther : a lone reformer. By: Fry, C George. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 45-47. Subjects: Luther, Martin, 1483-1546--500th Anniversary; Christian biography; Reformation--Germany

The just shall live by faith. By: Luther, Martin. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 49-50. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Words; Good works (Theology); Sermons

Legacy of Luther. By: Brinsmead, Robert D.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 51. Subjects: Luther, Martin, 1483-1546--Theology--Justification; Justification--History of doctrines--1500-1599; Theology, Protestant

The filling of the spirit. By: Wilmington, Harold L.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 52. Subjects: Holy Spirit--Biblical teaching; Salvation--Biblical teaching; Sin

It is so. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 53. Subjects: So (Biblical Character); Bible. Kings II 9-17

The Ethics of Persuasive Preaching By: Waggoner, Jarl K.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 54-55.

Discipline or disorder. By: Owen, Herb. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 56-57. Subjects: Christian education of children; Discipline; Sunday school teachers

John Perkins : the Voice of Calvary. By: Pulliam, Russ. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 58. Subjects: Perkins, John, 1930-; Voice of Calvary Community (Mendenhall, Miss); African American clergy; Church and social problems--Evangelicalism; Evangelists; Leadership, Religious--Christianity

Making decisions and making them work. By: Falwell, Jerry. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 8-9. Subjects: Decision making

The pastor's roles : complex and challenging. By: Dobson, Edward; Hindson, Edward E.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 10-12. Subjects: Commissions--Biblical teaching; Evangelistic work--Methods; Pastoral theology

All's not wrong with women's rights. By: Hunt, Angela E.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 14-15. Subjects: Conservatism, Religious; Discrimination in employment; Equal Rights Amendment; Sex role; Women--Rights

The rich heritage of the English Bible. By: Price, James D.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 16-19. Subjects: Bible. Versions, English

Necessity of revival preaching : returning to the sawdust trail. By: Brewer, Vernon. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 21-24+. Subjects: God--Wrath; Preaching, Evangelical; Revivals; Sin; Word of God

Confrontation : the preserving salt. By: Thomas, Cal. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 25-27. Subjects: Church and state--1900-; Fundamentalism; Politics and Christianity

Unlocking the power of prayer. By: Monroe, Bill. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 28-30+. Subjects: Confession; Faith; Prayer--Biblical teaching; Will of God

Pluralism in education : reality or myth? By: Mawdsley, Ralph D.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 31-34. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Faith Baptist Church (Louisville, Neb); Amish Mennonites (Old Order)--Education; Christian education; Educational law--United States; Freedom, Religious--United States; Pluralism

Pro-puppies, pro-parrots, but not pro-people. By: Thomas, Cal. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 34. Subjects: Abortion; Animals; Ethics, Christian

Are you giving your children millstones or milestones. By: Miller, David R.. 2 no 10 N 1983, p 36-38. Subjects: Child development; Children--Religious life; Parent and child--Religious aspects--Christianity; Personality