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Sing : it will not be forgotten. By: Chapman, Marie. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 46-47. Subjects: Children's hymns; Christian education of children; Music and religion; Singing

Central Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas. By: Ward, Duane. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 48-49. Subjects: Central Baptist Church (Tyler, Tex); Congregations, Baptist; Evangelistic work--United States

Keeping the main thing the main thing. By: Matheny, William E.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 50-52. Subjects: Liberation theology; Missions--Theory

Conference for evangelists brings 4,000 to Amsterdam. By: Boyd, Forrest. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 53. Subjects: Graham, Billy; Evangelists

World Congress of Fundamentalists convenes at [Bob Jones University] campus. By: Norman, Diane. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 54. Subjects: World Congress of Fundamentalists; Fundamentalism WCC conference draws evangelical support, protest. By: Keylock, Leslie R.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 55-56. Subjects: World Council of Churches, 6th, Vancouver, 1983; Evangelicalism

Where's the logic. By: Thomas, Cal. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 65. Subjects: Prayers; Public schools and religion

Three destructive myths. By: Lutzer, Erwin W.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 66. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Church and state; Freedom, Religious--United States; Neutrality

The pastor's wife : on stage. By: Senter, Ruth. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 20-22. Subjects: Clergy spouses; Wives; Women in church work

Leadership in the black community. By: Brown, Joseph. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 23-24. Subjects: African American clergy; City churches; Leadership, Religious--Christianity; Missions, City

Christianity : not names and isms. By: Schaeffer, Francis A. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 25-27. Subjects: Accommodation; Evangelicalism; Fundamentalism; Humanism; Values

Food for thought : maintaining the temple. By: Angel, James B.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 28-31. Subjects: Body, Human--Religious aspects--Christianity; Health; Nutrition

Behold the man. By: Mitchell, Daniel R.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 33-35. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Humanity; Bible. John--Theology--Christology C I Scofield : dedicated and determined. By: BeVier, William A.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 37-39+. Subjects: Scofield, Cyrus Ingerson, 1843-1921; Evangelists--Biographies; Biographies

Personal relationships and work of the indwelling spirit. By: Scofield, C I.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 40-41+. Subjects: Body and soul; Holy Spirit--Biblical teaching; Sermons

Jesus Christ : the misunderstood. By: Wilmington, Harold L.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 42. Subjects: Jesus Christ--History of doctrines

Decision Making and the Will of God By: Evans, Robert P.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 43-44. Evolution from Space By: Weaver, Terry. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 44-45.

Morality and the press. By: Falwell, Jerry. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 8-9. Subjects: Ethics, Christian; Mass media; Press; Public opinion; Reporters and reporting

Guilt by association, or burned by the second degree. By: Dobson, Edward; Hindson, Edward E.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 10-11+. Subjects: Apostasy; Fundamentalism; Interdenominational cooperation

The bloodletting continues. By: Mooneyham, Lamarr. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 12-13. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Abortion--Law

The strength of unity. By: Frady, Marvin J W.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 14-15. Subjects: Fundamentalism

An undersheperd or a hireling. By: Feinberg, John S.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 16-18. Subjects: Church administration; Clergy and laity; Good Shepherd; Pastoral theology

Pouring out. By: Patterson, Richard D.. 2 no 9 O 1983, p 19. Subjects: Greek language--Terms--Spendō; Offerings--Religious aspects