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Tradition and Testament: Essays in Honor of Charles Lee Feinberg By: Rickards, Donald R.. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 55-56.

Falwell at Harvard. By: O'Sullivan, John. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 57. Subjects: Falwell, Jerry, 1933-2007; Harvard University. Divinity School

Supreme Court denies tax breaks to Bob Jones University. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 58. Subjects: United States. Supreme Court--Decisions; Bob Jones University; Tax exemption

[Appelman, Hyman J, 1902-1983, obit] 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 60. Subjects: Appelman, Hyman J, 1902-1983; Converts from Judaism; Evangelists--Biographies; Biographies

New education law pleases religious freedom group. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 63-64. Subjects: Educational law--United States; Private schools; Teachers--Certification

[National Educational Association's] indoctrination. By: Thomas, Cal. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 64. Subjects: American Federation of Teachers; National Education Association of the United States

What's wrong with being patriotic. By: Hunt, Angela E.. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 66. Subjects: Patriotism; United States--Nationalism

Designed for destiny. By: Combee, Jerry H.; Hall, Cline E.. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 26-28. Subjects: Columbus, Christopher, 1451-1506; Freedom; Predestination; United States--Nationalism

An interview with Richard Halverson. By: Halverson, Richard C. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 30-33. Subjects: United States. Congress. Senate; Chaplains

The changed life. By: Wilkinson, Kate B.. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 32. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Transfiguration; Christian life--Biblical teaching; Greek language--Terms--Metamorphoō

Lewis Sperry Chafer : apostle of grace. By: Ryrie, Charles Caldwell. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 34-36. Subjects: Chafer, Lewis Sperry, 1871-1952; Calvinists; Evangelists--Biographies; Biographies

Sanctification. By: Chafer, Lewis Sperry. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 38-40. Subjects: Sanctification--Biblical teaching; Sermons

How to live with decisions beyond your control. By: Rickards, Donald R.. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 41-42. Subjects: Christian life--Biblical teaching; God--Righteousness

World evangelization and the success syndrome. By: Barnabas, Pseud. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 43-45. Subjects: Baptists--Missions; Missionaries--Training; Missions--Theory; Sower (Parable)

Book Burning By: Schaeffer, Franky. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 46-47.

The total training method. By: Baker, Bonnie. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 52-53. Subjects: Christian education of children; Education--Methods

Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties By: Feinberg, Charles Lee. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 54-55.

One nation under God on the rebound. By: Falwell, Jerry. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 8-9. Subjects: Democracy and Christianity; United States--Church history

What is happening to our freedom. By: Falwell, Jerry (Editor). 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 8-32. Subjects: Church and state--History of doctrines--1900-1999; Freedom, Religious--United States; Politics and Christianity; Secularism

The church in the world and against the world. By: Dobson, Edward; Hindson, Edward E.. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 10-11. Subjects: Christian life; Church and the world; Mission of the church

What is happening to our freedom. By: Geisler, Norman L.. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 12-15+. Subjects: Declaration of Independence, 1776; Creationism; Evolution; Freedom, Religious--United States; Humanism, Religious; Modernist-fundamentalist controversy; Secularism

The church and her rights. By: Adams, Jay Edward. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 16-19. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Teachings; Bible. Mark 10-12; Authority (Religion); Church and state--History of doctrines; Ethics, Christian; God--Omnipotence

The Christian church under communism. By: Ton, Josef. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 20-21+. Subjects: Christians--Communist countries; Communism and Christianity; Freedom, Religious--Soviet Union; Romania--Church history

America wake up. By: Rushdoony, Rousas John. 2 no 7 Jl-Ag 1983, p 22-24. Subjects: Church and state--1980-; Freedom, Religious--United States; Toleration, Religious