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Nebraska battleground draws national attention to religious freedom. By: Covert, Harry. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 52-53. Subjects: Faith Baptist Church (Louisville, Neb); Church and state--United States; Church schools; Teachers--Certification; Nebraska

City streets become highways and hedges. By: Harman, Jim. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 54-55. Subjects: Evangelistic work--Methods; Urbanization--Religious aspects Video games invade US. By: Huff, Deborah W.. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 57-59. Subjects: Video games

[Roloff, Lester, obit] 1 no 4 D 1982, p 61. Subjects: Roloff, Lester; Obituaries [Weniger, G Archer, obit] 1 no 4 D 1982, p 61. Subjects: Weniger, G Archer; Obituaries

Church update. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 65. Subjects: Baptists--United States; United States--Church history--1980- Bob Jones University on trial for its life. By: Buchanan, Patrick J.. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 66. Subjects: Bob Jones University; Church colleges--Federal aid

Liberty Baptist schools : B R Lakin School of Religion. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 33. Subjects: Liberty University (Lynchburg, Va); Church colleges; Universities and colleges--Faculty

Meeting spiritual needs in the black community. By: Brown, Joseph. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 35. Subjects: African Americans--Religion; Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism and the fine arts. By: Garlock, Donald A.. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 36-37. Subjects: Art, Christian; Fundamentalism The role of evangelistic music. By: Terry, Lindsay. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 38-39+. Subjects: Church music--Baptists; Church music--Theology

The twelve questions of Christmas. By: Willmington, Harold L.. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 41-42. Subjects: Angels; Christmas

The greatest in the kingdom. By: DeSaegher, Jani. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 43+. Subjects: Children--Religious life

The Word of Truth: A Summary of Christian Doctrine Based on Biblical Revelation By: Mitchell, Daniel R.. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 44-45.

The creator in the courtroom: Scopes II: the 1981 Arkansas creation-evolution trial By: Mawdsley, Ralph D.. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 45-46.

Lifelines: The Ten Commandments for Today By: Wray, Naomi. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 46.

The Jericho wall : between the Christian school and the youth ministry. By: Bubar, Paul. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 49-51. Subjects: Church schools; Church work with youth

"Holy terror" is wholly error. By: Falwell, Jerry. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 8-10. Subjects: Conway, Flo; Siegelman, Jim; Fundamentalism

Holy Terror: The Fundamentalist War on America's Freedoms in Religion By: Falwell, Jerry. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 8-10.

Living in a day of crisis. By: Wyrtzen, Jack. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 8-9. Subjects: World crisis The need for revival. By: Dobson, Edward; Hindson, Edward E.. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 10-11+. Subjects: Revivals

Celebrating the gift of God. By: Byrd, Walt. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 13-15. Subjects: Christmas

The virgin birth. By: Gromacki, Robert. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 17-19. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Nativity; Messiah--Prophecies; Virgin birth

Creator in the courtroom. By: Geisler, Norman L.. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 21-64. Subjects: American Civil Liberties Union; Church and state--United States; Creationism; Trials--United States; Arkansas

John R Rice : a man sent from God. By: Sumner, Robert. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 24-25+. Subjects: Rice, John R, 1895-1980; Evangelists--Biographies; Fundamentalism; Biographies

Interview with Mrs John R Rice. By: Rice, Lloys McClure Cooke. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 26-64. Subjects: Rice, John R, 1895-1980; Rice, Lloys McClure Cooke; Evangelists--Biographies; Fundamentalism; Biographies

No room for Jesus. By: Rice, John R. 1 no 4 D 1982, p 30-32. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Nativity; Rice, John R, 1895-1980; Sermons