The goal of this research was to demonstrate how Scripture has been misrepresented throughout the centuries and utilized as a specific tool to enable nations and empires with more sophisticated technological backgrounds to exploit developing cultures and relegate them to a position of inferiority. Specifically, the misinterpretation of the Doctrine of Election has been a principle motivating factor and justification to conquer indigenous groups and subjugate populations under the guise of proselytization. Colonization, Imperialism, Slavery and nation-sanctioned discrimination have all occurred under the self-righteous banner of performing God’s will. Biblical principle and doctrine neither advocate nor condone any of the latter mentioned man-made principles. God’s Word has been purposefully twisted through the advent of perceived idealism read into Biblical Doctrine, as opposed to understanding what the Scripture actually intended and designed in its original meaning and context by the original author. The research reveals, through Biblical exegetical analysis that the meaning of Scripture has nothing to do with preeminent discriminatory practices, and that the continued misinterpretation of Scripture will have long-lasting negative repercussions.


Thomas Glenn Sleeth is currently in his third year of graduate studies at Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary, pursuing his M.Div. with Pastoral Counseling cognate. He is an honorably discharged disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps and resides with his loving wife and family in Western New York.

Thomas Glenn Sleeth