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My inspiration for this love seat was the beautiful mountain sunsets we see almost every day at Liberty University. I love how the dark mountains stand out against the brilliant oranges, pinks, and purples of the sky. I chose to add the curvature of the backrest to resemble the rise and fall of the mountains. While this is a fun design element it also helps to clearly define the two seats of the chair. I chose not to use legs for this piece of furniture as legs would make it easier for things to roll underneath. From my experience as a college student we tend to drop things a lot, and the harder it is for something to get under a piece of furniture the better! As evidenced in the drawing, I have added tables to each arm. Many times college students are looking for a place to sit to work on homework or have a quick bite to eat. Having a table makes it much easier to do either of these things. My fabrics were selected from Mayer Fabrics. The seat and chair back are Fairy Tales Puss ‘N Boots #WC963-004. This fabric corresponds to the curve of the backrest and my idea of mountain inspiration. However, instead of having the pattern run vertically as it does in the examples on the website, I would like it to run horizontally. The arm rests are Silverweave Tangerine. This orange most closely resembled the brilliant orange of the sky at sunset. I thought these two colors and fabrics worked well together to create the design I envisioned. Below are pictures of the fabrics along with links to the website. Drawings of the chair are in separate attachments.


Lia Serapiglia received recognition for her design in a contest sponsored by High Point Furniture Industries and the Liberty University Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. An article on her award may be read here:

Click the "Download" link above to view a presentation on Lia's design.

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Under construction

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Front view

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Side view