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Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Doctrine, Expository preaching, Twenty-first century


This dissertation proposes and analyzes the integration of doctrine and expository preaching for the twenty-first century. Chapter 1 traces the recent history of doctrinal preaching and expository preaching. Problems related to postmodernism, the New Homiletic, and the changes within contemporary evangelicalism also receive treatment.

Chapter 2 defines and blends the definitions of expository preaching and doctrinal preaching. These definitions form the basis for defining doctrinal expository preaching. Several doctrinal prerequisites of an expositor conclude this section.

Chapter 3 examines the biblical basis for doctrinal exposition. The semantic domain for preaching and the Bible's practitioners of doctrinal exposition support this basis.

Chapter 4 incorporates the disciplines of biblical and systematic theology for the task of theological interpretation. Moreover, principles for theological exegesis of literary genres prepare the expositor for the homiletical process. The chapter concludes with steps in the doctrinal expository sermon process as well as with two valid approaches for implementing doctrinal exposition.

Chapter 5 covers postmodern issues of truth, entertainment, language, image, and story. Also, the subject of applying doctrine is discussed. Observations of valuable doctrines for contemporary evangelicalism end this section.

Chapter 6 describes many practicalities of doctrinal exposition. A summary concludes the work.

This study argues for the need to integrate doctrine and expository preaching for the twenty-first century. Furthermore, this work proposes doctrinal exposition distinctively, biblically, theologically, and practically. In order for preachers to declare the whole counsel of God, sermons must employ doctrinal exposition.