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Doctor of Ministry

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Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


"The Role Of The Pastor In Stirring A Hunger For Revival In The Local Church" is an attempt to understand how a pastor can lead his flock to long to experience revival in the local church. Hainesport Community Baptist Church, the church that is the subject of this project, is a small church in southern New Jersey. The project relates specifically to stirring this local church to hunger for revival, but it is hoped that the principles are applicable to any local church and its pastor.

Chapter one expresses the longing for revival that springs forth from the need for Hainesport Community Baptist Church to experience revival. The longing that has come to this pastor is a longing that is found in the lives of others in Scripture, in history, and In current times. Chapter one also further explains the goals and objectives of this project, along with the limitations that it entails.

Chapter two develops the theology of revival that is foundational for this project. Revival is first of all defined according to scriptural terms, biblical passages, both from the Old and New Testaments, and the definitions of many writers of revival literature. Comparing and contrasting the views of Jonathan Edwards and Charles Finney further develop the meaning of revival. The differences between the evangelization of the lost and the revival of the saved are clarified as well. Reformation and revival are examined next as to their relationship throughout history. The core elements of revival are determined from the biblical and historical studies. Finally, the role of the pastor in stirring a hunger for revival is demonstrated from scriptural principles and made applicable for today.

The third chapter develops the plan to promote revival in the local church in two ways. First, the plan to develop a hunger for revival in the life of the pastor is examined. Second, there is the development of a plan to stir a hunger for revival in the local church. Two surveys of the church were taken to determine the hunger for revival of the people of Hainesport Community Baptist Church. The two main parts of the plan to promote a hunger for revival are the preaching of the Word and the prayers of God's people.

The fourth chapter is an evaluation of the impact of the plan, first, in the life of the pastor, and second, In the life of the local church. Surveys of the congregation as well as a survey of pastors and other Christian leaders provide valuable material for this project. The evaluation of the preaching of the Word and the praying of God's people also demonstrate the value and effectiveness of the plan.

The final chapter presents the conclusions of the project and determines that revival has not yet come to Hainesport Community Baptist Church, but that God is at work, doing great things in the lives of His people.