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Sam Houston State University


Mentorship, Student athletic trainers, National Athletic Trainers' Association Certification


Purpose . The purpose of this study was to determine if the mentorship of student athletic trainers affects outcome on the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification (NATABOC) examination.

Method . Results from the Athletic Training Mentor Questionnaire and NATABOC examination test scores for each part (written, oral, written simulation) were used as variables within the study. The sample population for this study consisted of 119 participants who completed both sections of the required study information and delimiting questions applied to the population. Proper methods of selection were incorporated into the study to assure that a national population would be represented.

Results . Each hypothesis was analyzed using selected statistical methods. The finding of this study showed now statistically significant difference between mentorship scores and the outcome of the NATABOC examination. The results indicated that not only does mentoring relationships not affect outcome, but mentoring relationships are not measured by the NATABOC examination.

Analysis did determine that the Athletic Training Mentor Questionnaire developed for this study was reliable and valid in ascertaining the mentor relationship that existed between the student athletic trainer and his/her mentor.

Further research should be given to determine the role of mentoring in athletic training education and its effect on outcome of the NATABOC examination.