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Regent University


Leaders are rightfully concerned about the role they play in achieving an organization’s desired outcomes. For leaders in learning organizations, these outcomes are often demonstrated by academic achievement. Recent research has suggested that the selfregulated learning model is an effective way to achieve desired academic outcomes in various learning environments from kindergarten classrooms to corporate training and development departments. This dissertation addressed the leadership role in facilitating self-regulated learning in learning organizations by employing qualitative research to investigate the following research question: how do administrators in schools that support the self-regulated learning model encourage and equip teachers to facilitate self-regulated learning in the classroom? This research examined two schools with case study methodology using on-site observations, open-ended interviews with leaders and staff, and document reviews to provide a robust evidential base for data analysis. The results explain how leaders support the self-regulated learning model, and the subsequent discussions address the need for change in current pedagogical approaches to better the educational experiences of the learners we serve.