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This theses was completed for a Masters of Arts in Ethnomusicology at Bethel University.


This case study examines how culture influenced the worship of one U.S. Hispanic church made up of thirteen different nationalities. I examined how Latinidad, a unified Latino identity, assisted in the construction of Iglesia Ebenezer’s collective identity enabling them to worship together despite their diversity. I observed several worship services and interviewed eleven participants during my fieldwork: three pastors, two youth leaders, and six worship-team musicians. I compared and contrasted case studies of the musicians to construct a collective identity of this small group. A final analysis compared my fieldwork observations and the perspectives of all eleven individuals to establish a collective identity of the entire church. I found that Latinidad influenced the church in two important ways. It allowed individuals to interact with one another without stumbling over cultural differences, and it provided a culturally relevant context through which the congregation expressed their faith.