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Junia, Junias, Junia(s), Female Apostle, Women, Women in Ministry, Gender, Rom. 16:7, Romans 16:7, Apostle, Apostleship, inclusive, exclusive


Ever since Bernadette Brooten’s seminal article in 1977, there has been a heated (and sometimes violent) debate over the identity and function of Junia(s) in Rom. 16:7. While recent years have seen tentative consensus in certain areas, such an outlook belies the deep and nuanced arguments which still exist. This essay will attempt to address a hole in the literature, namely a comprehensive review of the Junia debate since 2010. It will do this by cataloguing the discourse into four categories: the Name-Gender Debate, the Syntax-Grammar Debate, the Rhetoric-Context Debate, and the Apostleship Debate. After this analysis, comments will be given on the state of the discussion, as well as questions for further research. A new theme or direction for the Junia debate can be identified, which is that of reconciliation.



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