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Written by Brian Satterlee while working as Dean of Adult and Continuing Education at Warner Souther College.


A stress management program was developed for the adult degree completion program admissions team at Warner Southern college, a four-year private liberal arts college. A relatively recent stress-induction change was caused by an administrative decision to expand the program offerings from five sites to serve, using current staff. Derived from the Matteson and Ivancevich model (1989), four major goals were identified for the stress management program: improving the relationship between admissions team members and the School of Adult and Continuing Education; adjusting policies and procedures to reduce the occurrence of stressful situations; providing training in strategies to reduce stress; and providing for an integrated wellness program. A preventative stress management program was developed for the organizational unit. Strategies are planned to address individual-organizational relationships, organizational policies and procedures, stress management training and employee assistance, and an integrated wellness program.