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Learning with Style and Skill: A Description of a Self-Calculating, Computerized Learning Styles Profile and Study Skills Inventory and Its Use for Diagnosing and Prescribing Learning

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August 2007

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Presented by Drs. Karen & Leonard Parker at the 15th European Conference on Reading in Berlin, Germany August 7th, 2007.


A Self-Calculating, Computerized Learning Styles Profile and Study Skills Inventory are described with applications for its use in diagnosing and prescribing learning according to the individual needs of the student. After completing thirty-nine items on “How I Learn and Remember Best”, six charts relating to modalities, interpersonal and leadership skills are then visible on the Learning Styles Profile (LSP). The forty-two item Study Skills Inventory (SSI) provides results on sixteen study skills. The combination of both programs provides teachers valuable information about themselves and their students for the development of effective instructional strategies and assessment techniques. Matching a student’s learning style to a variety of study methods enhances academic achievement.

Parkers_LSP_10_25_06.xls (145 kB)
Parkers' Learning Styles Profile

Parkers_Study_Skills_Inventory_10_25_06.xls (913 kB)
Parkers' Study Skills Inventory

Parkers_Learning_Styles_and_Study_Skills_Inventory_Interpretation_G_revised.ppt (1009 kB)
Thye Parkers' LSP & SSI PowerPoint Explanation

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