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Summer 2011

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Published in Education (Chula Vista, Calif.) 131 no4 798-817 Summ 2011.


This article presents a predictive model using teacher candidates' Grade Point Average (GPA) and its relationship to candidate success on two professional state mandated teaching exams. The 196 subjects for the study were traditional undergraduate teacher education candidates at a major university in Virginia. Specifically, the majority of courses were presented in the face-to-face setting, with a few online courses available. Subject selection was based upon completion of the Virginia Communication Literacy Assessment (VCLA) and the Virginia Reading Assessment (VRA). Data were collected for three consecutive years. Analysis of the relationship between GPA and scores on the VRA and VCLA demonstrated a statistically significant relationship between (a) GPA and mean score on the VRA, and (b) GPA and mean score on the VCLA. These results indicate that better overall performance in the classroom, as measured by grade point average (GPA), produces a higher mean score on both professional assessments.

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