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Schuette, C., Wighting, M., Spaulding, L. S., Ponton, M. K., & Betts, A. L. (2010). Factors that influence teachers’ views on standardized tests. The Teacher Educators’ Journal, 17, 27-40. This is a post-refereed manuscript of the above article.


The central aim of this study was to explore K-12 teachers’ (N = 183) attitudes about standardized tests as a function of experience, instructional level, student population, and type of school. The Teachers’ Views on Standardized Tests Questionnaire was developed to assess teachers’ perceptions of the impact of standardized tests on practice. All survey items were intended to measure a facet of teachers’ attitudes regarding the necessity of standardized tests and their influence on best practices. Findings from this study indicated that special education and inclusion teachers viewed standardized tests as more negatively influencing instruction than general education teachers. There were also significant differences by instructional level and type of school (i.e., public vs. independent). Compared to elementary teachers, middle and high school teachers’ views were more negative, and public school educators perceived standardized assessments as having a more negative influence on instruction than teachers in independent schools. Finally, elementary school teachers reported that the standards of learning were more appropriate in contrast to middle and high school teachers.

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