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Rockinson-Szapkiw, A., Szapkiw, M. & Tucker, J. (2010). Synergizing Wikis, Vodcasts, and Podcasts for Collaborative Class Texts. In Z. Abas et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of Global Learn Asia Pacific 2010 (pp. 356-360). AACE. Retrieved from http://www.editlib.org/p/34198. Used by permission. Copyright 2010.


This tech-savvy generation of students, known as digital natives, desires to learn and to interact utilizing the collaborative technologies that have always been a part of their lives. The purpose of this paper and corresponding presentation is to demonstrate how a wiki can be used by students and the instructor to create a collaborative text and demonstrate how multimedia can be integrated into the texts using podcasting and vodcasting. A description of the procedures used to design, to produce, and to publish a wiki class text with integrated podcasts will be demonstrated. The challenges and benefits of using these technologies will also be discussed from both a student and faculty perspective.

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