August 2008


Leonard Parker

Primary Subject Area

Education, Higher


Academic Dishonesty, Intercollegiate Athletes, Religiosity, Comparison of Christian and State Institution


The purpose of this dissertation was to explore the relationship between religiosity and academic dishonesty among intercollegiate athletes at a private Christian college and a state university. This study also examined the level of academic dishonesty and the level of religiosity among intercollegiate athletes at both institutions. The researcher administered a questionnaire to 163 intercollegiate athletes. The questionnaire included 17 cheating behaviors and several subscales of religiosity (overall religiosity, intrinsic religiosity, organizational religiosity, and non-organizational religiosity). A significant difference was found in the level of religiosity between the athletes in the two schools. However, no significant difference was found in the level of academic dishonesty between institutions. Religiosity was a moderate predictor of academic dishonesty at the Christian college. Religiosity was not a predictor of academic dishonesty among athletes at the state institution.