School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Gary Kuhne


Health Promotion, Higher Education, Nursing, Online Learning, Spirituality, Stress


Education | Higher Education | Online and Distance Education | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


The purpose of this quantitative study was to see if there was a difference in the spiritual therapeutic preferences of students at a Christian college who stay on-campus or students who take classes online. This study also investigated for differences in preferences between males and females as well as graduate students compared to undergraduate students. This study tested to see if there was a relationship between stress and spiritual therapeutic preferences among on-campus students and online students. Relative spiritual therapeutic preferences were assessed by the Nurse Spiritual Therapeutic Scale, and relative levels of stress were assessed by the Perceived Stress Scale. This study provides insight into what types of spiritual therapeutic actions are most preferred, or not preferred for college students when provided by a college health nurse as part of the student support services team. The results showed that there were no overall significant differences or statistically significant relationships among the spiritual therapeutic preferences for the groups studied. Suggestions are given for further research.