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Transformational, Leadership, Christian, Education, Charisma, Schools


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Transformational Leadership is part of a growing body of research that is having impact in leadership development in every industry and service organization. The Christian schools leader can also take advantage of the ideas that integrate so well into Biblical principles. This causal comparative study utilizing correlation and parametric statistics (ANOVA) along with descriptive cross-sectional observation investigated the differences of Transformational leadership in two distinct regions to understand how transformational leadership responded to differing cultures. This research has taken a deeper look into the elements of transformational leadership that must be enacted for a Christian school to succeed and thrive in today’s changing world and procure a successful future for Christian education. There are many studies that suggested differences in aspects of culture will result in differences in the way transformational leadership is implemented and received. Using the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) survey and assessing descriptive statistical information revealed several benefits, challenges, needed behaviors, and attitudes for transformational leadership to add a positive addition to Christian education while shedding light on what makes a Christian school leader successful. Though data is not conclusive to the .05 level, the Bible belt culture has instilled a great many attributes of transformational leadership, but because of homogenous populations, the culture has not required the same degree of Transformational leadership as would be expected in the North. This topic becomes increasingly important as Christian schools develop successful leadership in an environment of change.