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School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Jared Bigham


Character, Morals, Values


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Leadership | Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration | Elementary Education and Teaching | Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education


The purpose of this phenomenological study will be to describe perceptions of first grade teachers at a north Georgia elementary school regarding a character education program. Although the debate continues as to who should instill our children with values, little documentation exists concerning how educators perceive their role as instructors of character. Many character education programs exist, and many schools have adopted their use. However, school systems are struggling with budget issues, and when deciding where funding may be cut, non-academic programs such as character education are often the first areas terminated. Yet, teachers appear to have little voice in if or how the programs are implemented and/or used in their classrooms. This creates the need of this research. The purpose of the study will be to explore the phenomenon of teacher attitudes and perceptions concerning the instruction of character education using the book entitled The 7 Habits of Happy Kids (2008) by Sean Covey. Research revealing teacher perspectives on teaching character education through the use of this book will provide vital information to curriculum planners struggling with such budgetary issues and decisions.