May 2008


Ellen Lowrie Black

Primary Subject Area

Education, Administration


Education, Administration, Board Superintendent Relationship


The relationship between a board of education and superintendent is one of the most critical in a school district. Research has shown that a positive working relationship between a school board and superintendent has positive effects on a school district. This study examined the perceived relationships between the superintendents of the school districts in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and their boards of education, from the perspective of the superintendents. School districts in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula face declining enrollments and budgetary shortfalls. The intent of the study was to determine if the superintendents’ perception of their relationships with their boards of education changed as a result of declining enrollments, budgetary shortfalls and the superintendents’ longevity. The study presents pertinent demographic information for the superintendents and the districts they serve. Additionally, statistical analysis revealed five significant relationships related to 21 null hypotheses.