April 2008


Karen Parker

Primary Subject Area

Education, Administration


Academic Yearly Progress, middle school, academic achievement, criterion-referenced test


The purpose of this study was to examine whether comprehensive post formative assessments can accurately predict student academic achievement on AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) indicators as measured by standardized criterion-referenced tests.

The primary participant populations for this study were sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students enrolled in a middle school in north Georgia from 2004-2007. Over 2,900 student assessments were used to conduct the statistical research and variables such as gender, race, and socio-economic levels were not disaggregated in the data collection compilation. The data sources included the first quarter, second quarter, and third quarter post formative assessments which are administered every nine-week grading period in the school system.

The findings indicated that various grade levels exhibited a higher predictability factor with certain quarterly assessments than others. Likewise, unit gains on post assessments demonstrated a statistically significant indicator for academic achievement on high stake standardized assessments.