School of Education


Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)


Ellen Ziegler


Early Childhood Screening, Teachers perceptions


Education | Elementary Education


The purpose of this qualitative case study was to examine the perceptions of teachers' experiences with the Early Childhood Screening for students attending XYZ School in Eastern Saudi Arabia. The study was guided by the theory of social constructivism and the theory of self-regulation, as they explain how early experiences influence child and adult development. The central research question addressed the experiences of early childhood educators implementing mandatory screening assessments in Pre-K and Kindergarten. The central research question was “What are the experiences of early childhood educators that implement mandatory screening assessments in Pre-K and Kindergarten?” The study followed a qualitative case study research design. An in-depth explanation of why the case study research design was the best measure for the research is included. Data were collected using individual interviews, document analysis, and observations in four XYZ Schools in Eastern Saudi Arabia. The sample included 12 educators from the four XYZ schools. The research also addresses how thematic and qualitative analysis synthesized the collected data. These approaches provided information relevant to the research by identifying common themes in the responses provided by the participants. I also looked at the screening documents and educator observations to search for meanings and patterns that were later coded and grouped by theme.