Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Jason Whitehurst


mental health counseling, integration of Christian values in counseling, spiritual and biblical resources in counseling, soul care, effect of pandemic, mental health counselor training


Counseling | Religion


Christian licensed mental health counseling at Grace House Counseling Center is a multi-faceted spiritual undertaking that is largely in the purview of lay persons who often work and minister to Christians and non-Christians who live and work in a pluralistic environment. Grace House’s mental health counselors are formally trained through their master’s degree program to provide mental health care, not spiritual or soul care, to clients. While some Grace House counselors have some spiritual training, either from an undergraduate Bible college or through years of self-study, most do not have formal training that links Scripture and spiritual disciplines to various mental disorders. Even when surrounded by fellow Christian workers, these Christian licensed mental health counselors must rely on their individual biblical and spiritual skills and training as they function as lay chaplains or lay ministers as they consult with their clients. The purpose of this Doctor of Ministry action research project is to research, develop, produce, and distribute a spiritual resource manual that will assist and equip all licensed or state-registered mental health counselors practicing at Grace House to better offer Bible-based spiritual and soul care to clients, regardless of the client’s spiritual or faith beliefs.