School of Behavioral Sciences


Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD)


Gilbert Franco


leader-member exchange, perceived organizational support, self-efficacy, psychological safety




Interactions between managers and their employees will likely affect the employees’ perceptions of the organization. Yet, this relationship may be mediated by how the employee views the psychological safety of the work environment and how the employee perceives their ability to accomplish the task and goals given by their manager. This quantitative study investigated how project managers’ relationship between managers and employees affected their perceived organizational support as mediated by psychological safety and self-efficacy. Participants associated with the Project Management Institute completed a demographic questionnaire and the Leader-Member Exchange Scale, Perceived Organizational Support Measure, Job Self-Efficacy Scale, and Psychological Safety portion of the Team Psychological Safety and Learning Behavior Survey. These scales and measures were assessed using hierarchical multiple regression. The results showed that the Leader-Member exchange positively correlated to an employee’s perceived organizational support. Psychological safety partially mediates the relationship between the leader-member exchange and perceived organizational support. However, self-efficacy did not show support for mediation. The results indicated that the exchanges between leaders and members affect employees’ perceptions of support by the organization, and this relationship is influenced by the employees’ feelings of psychological safety of the team or group they work with.

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