School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Joshua A. Carver


gamification, game-based learning, digital game-based learning, student engagement, higher music education, music core curricula, supplemental learning tool


Higher Education | Music


This research project aims to establish the credibility of gamification and game-based learning (GBL) in higher education and online education, specifically for applying digital game-based learning (DGBL) to the twenty-first-century music theory classroom. This research project aims to address the current Education Engagement Crisis, the historical need of engaging students, and adapting the music curriculum to the current technological age. This research project will propose an original digital game concept and framework for teaching music theory core skills and other areas of music-related study in higher education as its contribution to the field and research of music education and digital game-based learning. The proposed game, the Universe of Music Theory: Music Masters (UoMT), will be an immersive, engaging, fun, and interactive, online learning-centered game created for the music theory core curricula and designed to address the preferred learning methods of digital natives. This framework may work alongside any music-core program or course as a MIDI lab activity, course-facilitated, or independent supplemental teaching and learning tool. The UoMT will facilitate unique opportunities to teach, reinforce, and assess music theory concepts in a praxial manner that will enable students to practice music-core skills (Music Theory, Keyboard Skills, and Aural Skills) and explore interconnected music-related disciplines (music academia, natural and scientific sound and music phenomena, and psychology of music). What the student learns in class will increase their in-game efficiency and what the student reviews in the game will increase their in-class efficiency.