School of Education


Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (EdD)


Amy Jones


alignment, curriculum, improve, leadership


Curriculum and Instruction | Higher Education


The purpose of this applied study was to provide recommendations to improve curriculum alignment in core leadership courses at a military academy located in the Midwest. The problem was that the core leadership courses had undergone significant format, instructor, and course director changes over the past few years, and this perceivably affected the alignment of curriculum across these courses. The rationale for this study was that it is critical to improve alignment within and across the core leadership courses to enhance the ability to meet the organizational mission and better prepare the students for their future role as military officers. The central research question was: How can curriculum alignment be improved in the core leadership courses at a military academy located in the Midwest? To answer this question, a multimethod approach was utilized. Three forms of data were collected for this applied research including interviews, a review of documents, and a quantitative survey. The qualitative data were analyzed using codes and themes. The quantitative data were analyzed using graphical representations of the results. Two recommendations to improve curriculum alignment were developed to address the problem. The first recommendation was to develop a faculty development plan including onboarding, required course audits, and faculty workshops. The second recommendation was to establish an interdisciplinary discipline lead. The timeline for successful implementation of these two recommendations is proposed for one to two years.