School of Education


Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)


Ellen Ziegler


school climate, school culture, dual language strands, monolingual perceptions




The purpose of the intrinsic case study was to present the monolingual teachers' and guardians’ perceptions of school climate and cultural experiences in a dual language in-district public charter school. School climate and culture experiences in the dual language public charter school for monolingual teachers and guardians will be reviewed. The theory guiding this study was Albert Bandura’s social cognitive theory, as it proposes that environment and cognitive factors influence a person. The intrinsic case study utilized purposeful sampling to capture data at the in-district dual language charter school that serves kindergarten through eighth-grade student populations. Interviews, observations, and documentation analysis served as the data collection methods of implementation. Identifying the themes presented in the data was done through triangulation of the data. The central research question asked how the climate and culture system at Hogget Academy underrepresented the monolingual population on the campus. Three themes and several sub-themes were revealed during the data analysis process. The themes included monolingual support, no change in population, and diverse social learning. The participants of the study were monolingual parents and teachers of Hogget Academy. Future research recommends utilizing more campuses within the district to evaluate to gather multiple perspectives from different campuses with DLI implementation.

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