School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Kimberly Martin


Digital keyboard workstations, Choral accompaniment, Methodist Church Ghana, Ethnodoxology, Indigenous African musical genres, Christian worship, Spiritual implications, Cross-cultural dynamics


Liturgy and Worship | Music


This research examines digital keyboard workstations for choral accompaniment in the Methodist Church Ghana from an Ethnodoxological perspective. The Methodist Church Ghana has a strong choral tradition and is known for using indigenous African musical genres to inspire congregational singing and liturgical music. Digital keyboards are adaptable and versatile, making them ideal for Christian worship and inspiring the Methodist Church Ghana composers to write and arrange music rooted in traditional African genres. Choral keyboardists often accompany choral ministrations using rhythmic patterns programmed and played on digital keyboard workstations. However, little academic research has been conducted on the spiritual implications of using digital keyboard workstations in Ghanaian Christian choral music. This qualitative research utilizes an Ethnodoxological framework to investigate the cross-cultural dynamics of digital keyboards in choral worship within the Methodist Church Ghana services. The study employs a combination of literature review, surveys, observations, and analysis to accomplish this objective. The study aims to contribute to the growth of African Christian choral music and worldwide worship by providing resources for choirs of all Christian denominations that use digital music keyboard workstations to integrate traditional music genres with choral music into their worship.