Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Kimberly Anthony


employee engagement, leadership responsibility, exceptional customer service, service industry, internal business relationships




The study was a qualitative flexible study on the actions and behaviors of employees and their leaders in cultivating internal relationships that have an impact on the business results of an organization. Using various triangulation methods, interviews, observations, and archived data, the study is constructive in design. I interpreted the experiences of the 20 participants (6 leaders and 14 employees). The flexible design allowed for follow-up questions that required changing the scope of the data collection as more data occurred. Validity and reliability are important factors in the qualitative research as these factors add to the credibility of the findings. Through member checking, validation occurred from the findings from the participants and checked for accuracy in the emerged themes. I was the primary data collector, analyzer, and documentation protector. Protecting the identity of the participants and Company X was done by keeping the documents, transcriptions, and findings on a password protected device. After 3 years, destroying the s information is necessary. Ethically, I did ensure the findings were free from bias using bracketing. Bracketing is a diligent process that involves the researcher to perform self-examinations to ensure that the bias and personal conclusions do not interfere with the true findings of the study.

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