School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Karen Kuehmann


ethnomusicology, choral music education, community, participatory, praxial, preservice, experiential learning, diversity, inclusivity


Education | Music


Although American K-12 classrooms are increasingly diverse, there is a lack of exposure to divergent music curricula and performance practices in undergraduate choral music education programs that prepare preservice music educators for classroom teaching. Most current choral music education programs include a narrow view of music history, theory, and performance, focusing myopically on Western music, specifically the classical, conservatory traditions with roots in European traditions. Additionally, the lack of diversity in undergraduate choral music curricula prevents an appreciation for global music genres, prohibits opportunities for understanding diverse cultures, and blinkers music relating to performance, meaning, and society. There is limited research on the impact of ethnomusicology in undergraduate choral music education programs. Additionally, studies focusing on ethnomusicological practices in music education are often based in other countries, limiting the applicability to American education standards. This thesis follows a qualitative design, including interviews, research, and documentation of current programs that combine ethnomusicology and choral music education, focusing on how ethnomusicological approaches impact the creation of an inclusive, egalitarian transmission of K-12 music education. By gaining perspective from prominent ethnomusicologists and music educators specializing in diverse music inclusion, this thesis develops strategies for incorporating ethnomusicology into choral music educator training, which is critical in preparing for today’s diverse classrooms. The conveyance of ethnomusicological practices and world music performances is more than an educational tool. It provides meaningful musical experiences to preservice teachers that translate to an awareness of music as a global experience, possibly impacting sociological and cultural relationship studies in inclusive education and highlighting greater understanding, acceptance, and respect.

Available for download on Wednesday, July 03, 2024