School of Education


Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)


Carol Gillespie


online teaching, remote learning, distance learning, COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic, online education, training




The purpose of this phenomenological study was to discover the factors that influenced the faculty’s lived experiences and perceived preparedness when transitioning to fully online courses in response to the COVID-19 crisis, for full-time faculty members at Greenhill College, North Branch. The central research question for the research was “What factors, such as professional development and other training, related to online learning, influenced faculty attitudes and perceptions of preparedness, as they transitioned to online teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020?” Ten participants were selected using a random sample drawn from full-time faculty members at Greenhill College, North Branch. Data collection included interviews, focus group interviews and document and artifact examination. The transformative learning theory guided the research into the adult learning process, as the faculty members in the study were adults. This research provides educational studies with a baseline for understanding the factors that impact the development of faculty attitude, especially during a crisis, which in turn can help faculty prepare for such a transition. The results of the study suggested that faculty shared a lack of confidence in online education and their ability to effectively teach students in this environment.

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