Helms School of Government


Doctor of Philosophy


Abiodun Oguntuase


Ghana, Leadership, Accountability, Transparency, Rural, Basic Education


Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration


This dissertation assessed the relationship between leadership, accountability, and transparency in basic public rural schools in the Amenfi Central district of Ghana. Over the past decade, leadership, transparency, and accountability measures have addressed developmental failures in the educational sector. However, most of these studies are done in isolation. The problem is that studying the concepts (leadership, accountability, and transparency) in an isolated manner does not provide a holistic examination of the effect of these concepts in the educational sector, especially in basic rural schools. The dissertation sought answers to whether the leadership style, accountability, and transparency techniques affect school management performance in rural basic schools at Amenfi central district. Cluster sampling is a probability sampling technique used to obtain the sample. Data was collected using questionnaires through an online survey. A total of 205 participants provided data for the study. The researcher used the Pearson Correlation Coefficient to test the statistically significant relationships between the variables. Findings from the analysis indicated that, generally, a positive statistically significant relationship exists between leadership, accountability, and transparency on school management performance. However, transformational leadership added 74.6% contribution to school management performance, while accountability and transparency contributed 65.4% and 75.5%, respectively. The research suggested improving leadership, accountability, and transparency activities to improve school management performance. The research recommended that leaders at Amenfi central basic rural schools receive general leadership training, specifically on transformational leadership behaviors, to assess their effect on school management performance.