School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Lori Danielson


Historically Black Colleges and Universities ( HBCU ), Marching Band, Musicianship, Arranging, Drill, Percussion, Brass Woodwind, Literature, Drum Major, Dance Troupe, Fifth Quarter, Cranking


Fine Arts | Music


Many high school marching bands in urban school districts across the United States incorporate the marching style used by Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) programs. This research aims to investigate the details of teaching the HBCU marching style and provide recommendations on developing more instructional materials and scholarly resources on teaching the marching style. This study will benefit music educators who need more experience in the HBCU style and HBCU music education graduates who are novices in teaching. The band directors of the high school band programs are commonly HBCU graduates who traditionally follow the philosophy taught at their alma maters. Although marching band technique books include assorted style performance styles, there is a comprehensive overview of the HBCU marching style. The methodology of this research requires a qualitative descriptive approach. To analyze the opinions, attitudes, and experiences of the band directors who incorporate the HBCU marching style, the researcher will create a questionnaire distributed via social media groups, email, and personal inboxes. The researcher will also observe video performances, documentaries, and recorded interviews to analyze the intricacies of the marching style. With great expectations, the findings of this research explained the shortage of instructional resources for the HBCU marching style, examined the instructional methods of teaching the marching style effectively, and offered recommendations on how to develop instructional materials.