School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Jerry Newman


performance psychology, church music


Music | Theatre and Performance Studies


Despite the plethora of information on performance psychology and performance anxiety for music and sports, not much valuable information to the Christ-follower is available that is especially significant for ensembles, teams, or collaboration. There is a more substantial gap in the spiritual application of the exact science, especially concerning worship studies. The knowledge of performance psychology is essential to communicate the message of Christ in the best way possible to the most people possible. The study, done through qualitative methods and the method’s results, is analyzed in the light of Scriptural principles. The facets considered are corporate worship performance psychology, performance psychology in a scriptural context, performance psychology as a discipline, and musical collaboration in performance psychology. This study is essential for improving worship (for the musical group and the congregation) and building stronger group ties. It will enhance the musical skill of the individual musician as mental and spiritual processes are improved. When applied to other disciplines, such as visual art and technology as art, the study results can facilitate a better understanding of Scripture and the value of performance psychology. This area is on the fringes of normal performance psychology, so there is a gap in the literature, especially for believers who genuinely want to live for Christ.