Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Janet Harrison


Enterprise Resource Planning Systems




Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are currently in high demand as organizations seek to streamline, synchronize, and synthesis operational information, efforts, and resources to make decisions swifter and operate more efficiently and effectively. As the results and benefits of system output are realized within the market, organizations seek to implement ERP systems but are not successful because their organizations are not prepared prior to implementing the system. As a result, organizations search for a roadmap or collection of best practices as a guide for organizational preparation prior to system adoption and implementation. But these materials are lacking within the industry. The purpose of this research project is to illuminate the research problem of the lack of organizational preparedness required to successfully adopt and implement ERP systems to decrease supply chain disruptions and increase profitability. This research project was conducted using a constructivism paradigm within a flexible design and was executed using the single case study method. The participating organization and 15 volunteer participants allowed the researcher to use tools such as surveys, interviews, and performance metric extraction to obtain information and data, and to code, sort, and analyze it for the discovery of themes. Anticipated themes were discovered and confirmed through research findings. Data was triangulated to further verify the feedback’s validity, creditability, and reliability. Persistent themes highlighted research results and the critical need for organizational preparation prior to system adoption and implementation, providing a basis for insight into additional areas for further study.

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