School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Andrew Phillips


Classroom Management, Behavior Management, Management, Music Education


Education | Music


Music classrooms are often larger in class size than other subject areas. Larger class sizes affect discipline, especially in areas where there is only one teacher for the class or where classroom and behavior management is a point of concern. While little research will support the idea that effective classroom and behavior management can impact learning in music education, research does support the idea that lower discipline infractions in a classroom have higher academic achievement results. Classroom management in the band room can be well maintained when there are limited distractions that take the focus off of the instruction. If distractions are minimal, the rehearsal process can be smooth and fulfilling for each musician. While distractions will occur, the band director is tasked with redirecting students to keep the focus on the rehearsal process; when done appropriately, the interruption of the rehearsal process can be avoided. This study will use research to highlight some important tools for classroom and behavior management in the music classroom, as well as good teaching strategies to minimize distractions during a band rehearsal. Based on the findings, information will be used appropriately to advance music education in schools.