Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Paul Esswein


spiritual revitalization, church growth, Mitchell UCC, spiritual disciplines, church decline


Christianity | Religion


Revitalizing Mitchell, South Dakota’s United Church of Christ Through Practicing Spiritual Disciplines seeks to stop the spiritual decline in Mitchell, South Dakota’s United Church of Christ. The problem with this church is the focus on serving the world rather than God. The thesis project topic identifies the significant points of spiritual growth and renewal. The project is centered on revitalizing Mitchell, South Dakota’s United Church of Christ. This project is greatly needed because many people attending this church have ceased to make serving God their ultimate life goal. The congregants’ reluctance to grow spiritually is this project’s problem of focus. This study aims to intervene by teaching Mitchell UCC’s attendees, the importance of submitting themselves to God and ultimately seeing their souls spiritually enhanced. The sample size consists of at least ten willing participants for the spiritual renewal intervention course of eight weeks. The thesis project will influence others in Christian ministry by teaching them that spiritual revitalization is possible for all souls who want new spiritual life. The spiritually weak disciples must submit to God, allow a religious shepherd to lead their way, and promise to incorporate the shepherd’s advice on spiritual growth into their lives. This can impact the community around the church for the better. Finally, the researcher hopes the disciples who participate will receive a new filling of the Holy Spirit in their hearts due to this project. Disclaimer: All names are pseudonyms.

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