School of Nursing


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Heather Vasioutovitch


Self-Management Goals, hypertension, team approach, education, toolkit




Due to the high risk of cardiovascular disease and other negative complications, it is imperative that patients in the primary care clinic diagnosed with hypertension control blood pressure levels. The purpose of this scholarly project was to increase the initiation of self-management goals (SMGs) among adult males and females age 30 to 60 diagnosed with hypertension. These patients were active duty military, reservists, and dependent beneficiaries who receive care at the Navy Medicine Readiness Training Unit–Memphis. The practice change took the onus of introduction and education about SMGs off the provider and added key responsibilities to support staff, who provided handouts and education to patients via a SMG toolkit. The goal was to minimize time needed for providers to focus on SMGs and to increase the initiation of SMGs through the utilization of support staff. Through patient education about SMGs and lifestyle goal setting, the hope was to improve clinical outcomes and improve the participating patients’ health. Navy Medicine Readiness Training Unit–Memphis did not have a SMG process, and had not been in compliance with Joint Commission mandates for the initiation and documentation of SMGs for patients with chronic conditions. Through staff education, training, delivery of proper educational materials via a SMG toolkit, and the attainment of information from the electronic medical record Genesis, initiation and documentation of SMGs among adult patients diagnosed with hypertension improved to 62.5% from the current baseline.

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