School of Behavioral Sciences


Doctor of Education in Community Care and Counseling (EdD)


Zoricelis Davila


military, moral injury, marriage, emotions, cognitive dissonance, religiosity, interpersonal relationship, forgiveness


Social and Behavioral Sciences


The purpose of this phenomenological study is to explore the negative emotions that cause moral injury in the military and the detrimental effects on married military couples and their relationship with God. Studies indicate that military spouses have reported experiencing marital tension and feelings of disconnect. In addition, researchers have argued that service members with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and moral injury (MI) might suffer from shame and blame. This study explores the lived experiences of ten service members, their relationship with their spouses, and God. The central focus is the descriptions of the service members’ emotions and their potential impact on marital satisfaction, spiritual condition, and the intimate relationship the service member has with God. This investigation will be conducted at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base (ARB) military installation, GA, Maxwell Air Force Base (AFB), AL, and Fort Bragg Army Base, NC. Couples for this phenomenological study will be purposely selected. Creswell and Poth (2018) explain that purposeful sampling is used in qualitative research to determine individuals and sites for the research problem and central study of the phenomenon.