School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


R. Scott Connell


visual art worship, painting worship, drawing worship, church visual art, church art, worship art, church painting, prayer sketchbook, meditative painting


Fine Arts | Practical Theology


Despite some Protestant churches holding the view that creating visual art is a spiritual practice of Christian worship, many still do not recognize it as a spiritual practice that Christians who are called to be visual artists should be taught and encouraged to practice. This qualitative research study focuses on the reasons that creating visual art is a spiritual practice of Christian worship and should be encouraged by church leadership. Visual art has been abused in the history of the Christian church. People have worshiped the creation instead of the Creator. Due to such unfortunate practices and abuses, some Protestant church leaders have been wary of supporting the creation of visual art in the context of worship. This has alienated many Christians who have been called and anointed to be visual artists and to create visual art as a spiritual practice of their worship, encouraging them to seek places outside the church for artistic encouragement and expression. This study provides insight to church leaders on biblical and inductive reasons visual art can be used as a spiritual practice of Christian worship. While literature exists that supports the concept that the practice of Christians making visual art is not sinful, this study focuses specifically on the relationship between visual artmaking and worship. This study can help provide insight to church leaders as encouragement that Christians can create visual art as a spiritual practice. Such an outcome can bring artistically inclined people to the church as they learn how to use their artistic calling to glorify God.