Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Howard Owens


Apologetics, Atonement, Discipleship, Fellowship, Gospel, Justification, Resurrection, Sanctification, Soteriology




The purpose of this DMIN action research project was to develop and implement a study on the resurrection of Jesus at Life Church. The problem was that people at Life Church did not adequately understand the resurrection of Christ for their belief in salvation. The study sought to help members of Life Church understand what Scripture teaches about salvation. The goal for this action research project was for members of Life Church to understand, defend, and articulate the resurrection of Jesus and its soteriological implications. There were seven total participants that took part in the study. Every participant was given the same pre- and post-study survey as well as the same interview questions before and after the study. The survey was given in order to gauge if the study resulted in growth. Moreover, the interview was given to see the participants ability to orally understand the subject and to see if the study affected their understanding of the resurrection. The results from the study yielded growth for every participant who took place in the study. The project was satisfactory in addressing the problem at Life Church.

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