Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Philosophy


Gary J. Bredfeldt


Transformational Leadership, Volunteer, MLQ (5X-Short), Megachurches


Leadership Studies


The purpose of this correlational study was to determine if a relationship exists between training volunteer leaders undergo to take on a leadership role in the Megachurch and the number of hours volunteers invest in the church, controlling for the quality of leadership for volunteers in the Megachurch who take on a leadership role. Further, this study sought to determine what, if any, relationship exists between volunteer leadership behavior and volunteer leadership quality in the select megachurches. Megachurches have developed stigmas pertaining to leadership involving its quality and the lack of quantity of leadership for attendees. This study examines if volunteer leaders possess transformational leadership behavior, how often they are being utilized in the church, and if any volunteer leaders have undergone any training in the church. The methodology of this study answered the gap in the literature dealing with volunteer leadership and provided if either a positive or negative relationship exists between volunteer leadership behavior and the amount of time invested by volunteer leaders into the Megachurch. Using the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (5X- Short) assisted in revealing if transformational leadership behavior is possessed by these volunteer leaders in megachurches. The data analysis used for this research was Pearson’s r (Pearson Product- Moment Correlation Coefficient). The results of this research yielded no statistically significant correlation between transformational leadership, hours invested by volunteer leaders, and volunteers who attended training. However, a statistically significant correlation does exist between volunteers who attended training and transformational leadership behaviors.